Inspired by Disney, this post was a very short, spontaneous prose about soulmates reincarnated across time and space (and Disney princess movies – ending with a not-so-subtle Star Wars reference). This is an extremely colloquial piece, written in the most casual language possible.

It starts with ancient Roman noblewoman Megan somehow getting to meet luri/Indian musician Esmeralda (which is a Persian mythical origin of contemporary Romani). There may or may not be kinky shenanigans involving Esmeralda entertaining Megan, and then ~entertaining~ her, because I spent a lot of my childhood loving and identifying with Esmeralda (she’s the Disney heroine who looks the most like me, since her hair is a lot closer to mine than Jasmine’s), and I can never pass up an excuse for D/s undertones.

From these kinky shenanigans grows a love that burns more passionately than a thousand suns. The gods feared such powerful love, and tried to separate them.

Which is why a few centuries later, Megan and Esmeralda are reborn as Jasmine and Mulan. The gods thought that there was no way an Arabian princess and a Chinese war hero would ever cross paths. Unfortunately for them, the so-called “Dark Ages” were only Dark for Europe – the rest of the world was hella lit.

It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that the emperor of China would want to send his best warrior to Agrabah for some reason, where she hits it off with the princess. They are never quite able to settle down with each other, both having too many duties to their homelands – but every few years, without fail, they would find their way to each other, their love burning a little brighter every time.

So the next time, the gods took it one step further and threw them onto opposite sides of the PLANET. However, the soul of Esmeralda, of Mulan, was always that of an adventurer, so Jane all but leapt at the chance to go to the New World with her father, see new places, and meet new people – including the daughter of the Powhatan chief, Pocahontas, who still carries Megan’s grace and Jasmine’s curiosity. Of course they would find each other, of course.

The gods threw their arms up in frustration at this, and they were still frustrated come the 21st century, when these two souls were headed back to earth again. This time, the gods decided to try stuffing these souls into different species entirely.

Megan, Jasmine, and Pocahontas’ grace still runs strong every time Nani hits the waves. Her heart echoes across eras every time she surfs, her skin brushed with the mists of ancient rivers, with the dust of far away sands, and with all the colors of the wind. And Esmeralda, Mulan, and Jane have never been daunted by the unknown, so when a little mermaid finds herself captivated by this mysterious and lithe human, Ariel doesn’t hesitate to venture out of the ocean and onto the land to meet her.

Who knows what the gods will try next.

Well, Nani is having some run-ins with aliens, right now. Maybe they’ll make her into a princess in a galaxy far, far away. A princess disassembling an empire shouldn’t have time for finding love, right? And they’ll leave the soul of Ariel in the most alien world possible, a planet bereft of water or ‘green’, its desolation the furthest thing imaginable from the ocean. It’s not like she’ll awaken The Force and go join the rebellion, right?

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